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Our next event will be; 15/09/18


Welcome to the official Bitches UnleaSHEd blog.

Here you can keep upto date with the latest party dates, updates related to our event, seek out slave positions, and see photos from the latest UnleaSHEd FemDom parties!


*please note we have a strict policy and no photos are taken at our event without expressed consent.

By The Bitches UnleaSHEd Team, Jul 21 2017 04:38PM

Thanks for checking back;

We have more exciting updates yet to come now that we are in our final week in the lead up to the second ever Bitches Unleashed - Birches - The second coming!!

We have already announced part one of our events competitions - Slave Games Part One, If you missed it, scroll down and the information is listed below.

So, it's time for part 2!


On the night of the event (29th) single slaves will be able to enter into our ‘Slave Punishment Hunt’


The objective of this game will be to eliminate as many punishments as possible from the assigned list. You must beg different Mistresses in attendance to sign your body for each punishment administered.

After one hour passes the entrants will return to the stage before our compare officially stops the clock and the results are announced!


Entrants with the least amount of punishments received will have to push his tits together on stage and dance like the cheap useless slut he (it) is while ‘My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’ 

By The Bitches UnleaSHEd Team, Jul 17 2017 12:57PM

Mistress Brown and Miss Kitty are proud to present our first official Bitches UnleaSHEd house Domme - Mistress Karishma!

Our evening begins with a ‘slave oath’ that all slaves in attendance are required to take while on their knees.

After this our compare for the evening Mistress Eclipse will be announcing the slave games and the official opening of the Dungeon.

Mistress Karishma will be representing the spirit of UnleaSHEd and crushing male egos. In our Dungeon throughout the evening…I advise you get on her good side early and cater to her every whim and desire! If you are lucky she may decide to grace a bottom or two with her superior cane…

Provided you kiss it first!!

By The Bitches UnleaSHEd Team, Jul 13 2017 01:55PM

Welcome to the new Bitches UnleaSHEd blog feed!

I have decided to make this page a little more comprehensive and create a space where excited party goers can check back for news and updates, especially in the days and weeks leading up to the next event!

Since we are currently in the midst of a countdown to our next Bitches UnleaSHEd event, you can expect lots of updates coming this way, so watch this space ladies and losers!

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